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Volunteer Administration: Professional Practice, 2nd Edition

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If your organization engages volunteers, you already know what volunteers contribute to the mission. Effectively managing, administering and deploying your volunteers can help you achieve your organization's mandate. Volunteer Administration: Professional Practice, now in its second edition, is the only book that addresses the full body of knowledge required by professional administration and management of volunteers. Whether you run an all-volunteer group, a nonprofit organization, or public sector agency, you will find in this practice-oriented book a comprehensive foundation for effective volunteer engagement.


Book Features

Volunteer Administration: Professional Practice is organized around the five core competencies which serve as a foundation for the profession of volunteer administration: ethics, organizational management, human resources management, accountability, and leadership and advocacy.  These competencies have been identified by CCVA through a Practice Analysis study of the field with input from managers of volunteers in a wide variety of settings.


                         Organizational management

                         Human resource management


                         Leadership and advocacy

What's New in This Edition


Contributing Authors

Volunteer Administration: Professional Practice is written by a diverse group of 21 authors from Canada and the United States with content relevant to both nations and others.  There are chapters from academic researchers who provide a theoretical basis for sound management, as well as chapters written by practitioners who hold the CVA credential and provide a “field experience” perspective. 


Intended Audience

CVA candidates are encouraged to read and study this textbook as the primary reference for the CVA Exam. In addition, managers, coordinators and leaders of volunteers will benefit from the principles and theories presented in this text, as a foundation for other "how to" books on their shelves. Nonprofit sector educators can use this as a tool for ensuring curriculum development is consistent with real-world practice as verified by a credible practice analysis process. Consultants and trainers in the volunteer administration and management field will find this book helpful as a core reference on which to base their work and share with their clients. Lastly, leaders in not-for-profit organizations and public agencies will find credible information to strengthen the function of volunteer administration within their organizations, so that volunteers are maximized as a human resource, and potential risks and challenges are reduced.


How to Order

Volunteer Administration: Professional Practice, 2nd Edition may be purchased from CCVA.  The cost, including shipping charges, is shown below:

          Book plus shipping within the U.S.           $ 86 US

          Book plus shipping to Canada or Mexico       $ 97 US

          Book plus shipping beyond North America     $ 102 US