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“I have renewed my CVA credential as proof that our organization is still dedicated to excellence in volunteer management.”

Holly Denniston, MPA, CVA Oregon Public Broadcasting Portland, OR USA

CVA Renewal

View a side-by-side comparison of the Old and New requirements and options.

Listen to a recorded conference call about the new renewal process.  (The call was held on February 13, 2014.)

In the constantly changing contemporary work environment, the standard of best practices in volunteer management must remain at the highest level of expertise possible. Professionals in all fields are expected to be fully up-to-date in their chosen area of expertise. Employers and customers alike have high expectations of the services provided by certified professionals.

Renewal of the CVA credential is required every five years to demonstrate continuing professional development and to retain the right to use the professional appellation, CVA.

The 2014 Renewal Fee is $135 USD. Electronic credit card payments are accepted via PayPal. The fee may also be sent to CCVA by check.

Announcing New CVA Renewal Options and Requirements

As of January 2014 an updated set of Renewal Guidelines are in effect. 

The new requirements are designed to:

Specific changes include:


Download the new Guidelines and new Tracking Forms (if you want to print and fill out). The new electronic fillable version of the tracking forms allows you to save your data if you use Adobe Reader 8 or later.

A side-by-side comparison of the Old and New requirements and options is also available.

SPECIAL NOTE:   To ensure a fair and flexible period of transition, those due to renew in 2014 and 2015 have the option of using either the former Guidelines and former Tracking Forms or the new 2014 versions.