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“Thank you for the opportunity to complete the CVA process.  I found it to be a life-changing experience and a learning process that will support my work as a Volunteer Administrator for the rest of my career.  I am using the theories and concepts that I learned as I studied and feel it has made me a much better employee, and a much better person, than before I started the process.”

Christine Tandlund , CVA – Harbor Hospice,  Grand Haven, MI USA

The Value of the CVA Credential

There are numerous benefits to earning this professional credential, both for you as an individual and for the organization you work for.

Benefits for YOU, the individual practitioner:

Benefits to your ORGANIZATION or EMPLOYER:

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CVAs Speak From Experience...

Here are some testimonials from colleagues who have earned the CVA credential, giving their reasons for encouraging others to do the same:

"I learned a lot of valuable information while obtaining my CVA. I would recommend it to any Director of Volunteer Services. My organization was very pleased with my certification. There is greater respect for my position in the organization now than before."

Cindy Wells, CVA – Baxter Regional Medical Center, Mountain Home, AR USA

“I received notice this week that I passed the CVA exam! This process is helping me see just how much of an impact I am making and reminding me that I am really good at what I do, sometimes I forget that and just get lost in the day to day. It is also helping me think more strategically about what, how and why I do what I do. I look forward to discovering more about myself as a professional while working on my portfolio and am very excited to complete this process.”

LaToya Sewall-Hall, CVA Candidate - Chicago, IL  USA

“Earning my CVA has given me greater understanding into my own reasons for volunteering, as well as, others' commitment to service.  There are basic volunteer principles that every professional should be aware of and put into practice for their organization. .If volunteers and their direction within your organization are important to you, then become the best you can by earning the CVA.”

Jane Johnson Eck, CVA - Mesa Senior Center, Mesa, AZ  USA

“Although I moved away from official volunteer development person on our church staff a few years ago, I continue to use what I learned in overseeing and leading my own volunteer teams and leaders --- in a new role at our church.  It’s quite a diverse volunteer group – some are episodic volunteers, others are high-skilled / specialists, others are growing into leadership roles, and others are continuing to serve in their “sweet spot”.  The certification process really helped me clarify what my own philosophy was around volunteerism, and gave me excellent learning and training towards that end.  Thanks for doing what you do as an organization!”  

Greg Grunau, CVA  (upon renewal) -- Centre Street Church, Calgary, AB

"Going through the CVA process was a valuable educational undertaking for me. The reading materials provided more insights into the profession and the writing projects were a chance for introspection and goal definition. I learned from the experience, and achieving the certification proved to be beneficial in the workplace and as a volunteer."

Bob Gronko, CVA – Hines VA Hospital, Hines, IL USA

"Achieving the CVA was such a positive experience for me. I began the CVA process in an attempt to become more visible and more marketable professionally. Almost a year later, I better understand the impact it made on me personally. I have more confidence in my knowledge, skills and abilities and Ive really committed myself to a career in volunteer management. After a few decades in the workforce, I finally know what I've grown up to be and I'm good at what I do!"

Karen Kendall, CVA – Como Park Zoo and Conservatory, St. Paul, MN USA

“Volunteer Tulsa is committed to professional development so it makes sense that I experience the entire process. From application and study, to exam and portfolio (a re-do was required!), and, now, in supporting other volunteer administrators, my understanding and perspectives of our field continue to expand. At the same time, so does my respect for volunteer administrators with brimming-full lives who tackle this rewarding experience with enthusiasm. It is an honor to help each measure their own knowledge and enjoy that sense of accomplishment!”

Brenda Michael-Haggard, CFRE, CVA - Volunteer Tulsa, Inc.,  Tulsa, OK  USA